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Virtual Officer – Stops Crime Before it Happens

Security cameras record crimes. To prevent crimes, you need to monitor those cameras and catch criminal activity before it happens.

Virtual Officer Remote Video Monitoring Difference

Physical security officers aren’t always necessary. That’s why we created the Virtual Officer Remote Video Monitoring process like no other in the security services industry. We access your camera system though a 24/7 video command center to observe all activity on your property and respond to alerts generated by your system. When alerted to any possible criminal activity, we verify the information and will dispatch police or a security officers.

Stopping criminals before they act

In addition to monitoring activity, the monitoring station can interact with your property at any time. Our technology allows the monitoring station to perform a “voice down,” in which they can talk through your camera system to any would-be criminals. This has a startling effect on the subject in question, and it usually discourages him or her from theft or other criminal activity. Being able to talk to a potential bad guy through the camera system is a powerful tool in stopping crime before it happens.

The monitoring station serves as an important layer of protection for your property. Because 97% of all alarms are false, the response time from police is often slow. Remote Video Monitoring ensures that all suspicious activity is taken seriously and addressed at once. We are a presence that is not to be ignored.

Visualint products are available through our network of approved installers nationally and internationally. Contact us to become an installer or monitoring partner.  If you are an end user, we can also locate your local installer or monitoring station.