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  • Arm and disarm any supported intelligent camera
  • Turn cameras on and off
  • Supports up to four camera groups
  • Supports one setting logic group
  • Simple online programming
  • Monitoring station integration
  • Up to 8 touch panels per system
  • Supports up to 128 users per system
  • Supports up to 256 cameras per system
  • High security mode (BS8418 Compliant)
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Product Description

Security cameras record crimes. To prevent crimes, you need to monitor those cameras and catch criminal activity before it happens. With an intelligent camera, it is not always practical to arm and disarm cameras on a schedule.

Visualint Touch allows you to set and unset your intelligent camera system as if it was a burglar alarm system. The VIM range of cameras can be configured as entry and exit routes reducing false alerts. Visualint Touch supports up to four groups allowing a system to be armed as required providing the flexibility to meet the demands of the most complex site. A fifth setting logic group will automatically arm and disarm when the associated groups are all activated or any associated group is deactivated. Cameras can also be added to one or multiple groups. Assign a group to a specific exit delay to prevent false alerts when you leave the protected area.

Visualint Touch includes the ability to turn independent camera streams on and off as part of a group providing privacy when cameras are installed in more private areas.

Visualint Touch is programmed from a secure, yet simple, online portal quickly configuring users and groups and deployed to a Visualint Touch system. All previous configurations are stored; if a mistake in the configuration is made, you can quickly reload a previous version.

As with a burglar alarm system, all activity is logged within the full audit log. View who armed the system and when. Visualint Touch has an optional high security mode for more secure applications and conforms to BS8418.

Visualint Touch is powered via PoE or 9 – 30vdc and no external port-forwarding is required for operation or configuration.