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  Visualint delivers the complete intelligent surveillance solution…..


The Visualint range has been created to deliver simplicity of installation, configuration and, of course, ease of use by individuals who have previous direct experience in specifying and installing systems. We understand the challenges faced in the field which is why we have included features such as remote automatic focusing, virtual configuration and simple intuitive set-up analytical tools.

Visualint believes that success is built on creating a strong brand relationship with our customers. All of our products will be exclusively sold through Approved Installers, delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and ensuring that the products remain in the hands of industry experts.

The Visualint development team continues to deliver leading edge, yet cost-efficient solutions, keeping both our installers and their customers at the forefront of this fast-paced industry. The Visualint range has expanded significantly over recent years with our roadmap and development driven by feedback from our installers.

Intelligent Cameras

Intelligent video creates a viewing platform that embeds intelligence into the camera. This embedded intelligence allows the camera to actually understand its environment, automatically adjusting to changes, resulting in superior levels of detection and false alarm reduction. Create alerts or trigger events. The results are only limited by your imagination!


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Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Power, performance and ease of use are often missed when delivering a NVR (Network Video Recorder) or video management system. The Visualint range of NVR’s deliver a scaleable recording and management solution. Every system has the option to combine cameras that spread across multiple sites into one easy to use system. With hybrid and flexible expansion capabilities, only Visualint allows the recorder to grow with the system.

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Touch & Control

Visualint continues to demonstrate our commitment to reducing false alerts. Visualint Touch and Visualint Control allows you to arm and disarm your intelligent camera system as if it was a burglar alarm system.

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Virtual Technician - Configuration

Your on-site technician physically installs and connects the devices (cameras, NVR, etc.) and ensures each device is powered with a network connection. Once this is complete, your technician calls our Virtual Technician. We verify the site and system configuration as agreed and connectivity to site. Our technician will then connect to the NVR on-site and configure the system. Upon completion, we call your technician who then carries out any final testing on-site and hands the system over to the end user.

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