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How do we do it ?

What is Intelligent Video?

Intelligent video, unlike video motion detection, creates a viewing platform that embeds intelligence into the camera or the analytically enabled recording device. This embedded intelligence allows the camera to actually understand its environment, automatically adjusting to changes within it in the same way a human being would, resulting in superior levels of detection and false alarm reduction.

How do we do it?

Our intelligent video analytics engine is capable of performing simultaneous security and surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, abandoned object detection, camera tamper and a wide range of people & vehicle counting functions. The intelligent system continuously monitors and adapts to changes in the environment automatically filtering and rejecting background scatter such as foliage and inclement weather to dramatically reduce false alarm rates.

To achieve these results, the analytical engine first stabilizes the CCTV image. It then accurately models the background by generating a pixel by pixel histogram over a time period. When color dramatically changes in the field of view, the analytical engine sees this is different from the background and assigns this as a foreground pixel.

By accurately grouping these foreground pixels (we like to call them blobs), a clear image of a target is quickly created enabling the camera to instantly recognize the difference between animals, people, groups of people, vehicles, etc.

Why Visualint?

The Visualint range has been created to deliver simplicity of installation, configuration, and of course ease of use, by individuals who have previous direct experience in specifying and installing systems. We understand the challenges faced in the field which is why we have included features such as remote automatic focusing, virtual configuration, and simple intuitive set up analytical tools.

Visualint believes that success is built on creating a strong brand relationship with our customers, which is why all of our products are exclusively sold through Approved Installers delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and ensuring that the products remain in the hands of industry experts.