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Visualint cameras don’t see; they Discover…

Intelligent video creates a viewing platform that embeds intelligence into the camera. This embedded intelligence allows the camera to actually understand its environment, automatically adjusting to changes, resulting in superior levels of detection and false alarm reduction. Create alerts or trigger events, the results are only limited by your imagination!

Visualint delivers simplicity of installation, configuration and, of course, ease of use by a team who have previous direct experience in specifying, installing and monitoring systems. We understand the challenges faced in the field which is why we have included features such as remote automatic focusing, virtual configuration and simple intuitive set up analytical tools.

Developed in the UK by a team of computer vision scientists, our video analytics engine can perform a wide range of security and surveillance applications such as intrusion detection, vehicle monitoring, tailgating detection, abandoned object detection and camera tamper detection.

Based on state of the art computer vision algorithms and over 50 man-years of research and development, the system continuously adapts to environmental changes and rejects sources of false alarms so that an operator is alerted only when there’s genuinely something interesting to see.

The analytics engine has been independently verified by the UK Home Office i-LIDS program for use in sterile zone applications. Users can rest assure that the system meets stringent performance standards for event detection and false alarm rejection.

Visualint delivers statistics and business intelligence too

In addition to its security credentials, Visualint intelligence also provides a highly accurate method for capturing statistics about customer behavior, enabling retailers to make informed business decisions. With people counting functionality and our person-optimized tracking engine built-in, detailed footfall, customer hotspot and conversion ratio analysis can be performed.