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Visualint Viewer - The Ultimate Control

Visualint Viewer gives you control……

The Visualint  Line range of NVR’s can now be controlled from our growing list of supported automation systems.  Visualint Viewer is now included as standard on our Visualint NVR’s. The screen layout can be selected, choose from 1, 4, 6, 9 or 16 cameras. The camera to be viewed in each segment can also be selected, alternatively scroll through all cameras, a preconfigured layout or create a sequence a group of cameras can also be configured. The control systems now have the ability to display a camera on the TV’s when an event occurs, if a person is detected at the side of the property or when the doorbell rings, a camera or group of cameras can be displayed. Visualint Viewer can run on the NVR or as a client on any windows PC.

As with all products in the Visualint range, we didn’t stop there; cameras from remote locations can also be displayed through Visualint Viewer. Clients with multiple properties can now view all of their cameras from the comfort of their lounge.